At risk young people are given equal opportunities to safe environments and accommodation, Education/vocational programs and employment in the community, without prejudice.


Respect         We display respect by acknowledging young people’s ethnicity as well as supporting them to achieve their desired goals to become productive and positive community members.

Empowerment    By offering young people a hand up and not a hand out, we support them to build their skills, tools and knowledge to make appropriate life choices.

Self-Reliance        Remaining independent and working across Government and non-Government sectors to develop social enterprise opportunities, we bring out the best in all of us and create strong and successful working relationships with all stakeholders.

Persistence        Through our integrity, persistence and passion we will strive to provide correct and sound information and advice whilst upholding and maintaining the highest professional standards.

Energy        Through positive encouragement and creative programing we offer an environment that promotes positive change and outcomes for young people.

Community         Through our humanitarian proactive work and inclusion within our communities we develop a network of supports, programs, skills, experience, options and a greater understanding of issues impacting young people.

Truth         –      We operate in an honest and truthful environment whilst striving to work through difficult situations with young people in a positive and courageous manner.

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