CCY Inc. continues to work towards building a holistic through-care program that aims to integrate young people ‘At Risk’ and ex-offenders into the community by supporting them to reduce their offending and  anti-social behaviors to become respected and valued members of their communities.

When it comes to working with ‘At Risk’ young people, Sam & Dawn along with the CCY Inc. Board  have a strong belief in advocacy, family and community participation.

My Story

My Story - allows our clients to tell their story in a safe and supportive environment. This is achieved by building positive and trusted relationships. By utilising all facets of media (and communication) the young person not only tells his/her story but they also create a  reference point to commence their Journey.

My Self

My Self Camps - allow the clients to develop their self respect and awareness by participating in a number of recreational and self developmental programs. This program is an aid in identifying and reinforcing the the need for the young person to build his own Self Awareness & Respect prior to committing to positive change and re-connection to self, family and community


My Spirit to Canvas

My Spirit to Canvas - This program has been designed to explore the spiritual, cultural and ethnic connections of clients and to offer them a number of options in expressing themselves. The program also offers participants a pathway to learning new ways of managing and expressing their emotions. Disciplines include art, dance, photography, videography and music.

My Driving Licence

My Driving Licence - This program has been designed to engage young people who are at risk of, or already have been exposed to the Australian juvenile criminal justice system. My Driving Licence is an intervention program designed to assist CCY Inc, to actively engage with ‘At Risk’ and prolific priority offenders and to utilise the program as an engagement tool to build a relationship with these young people to complete assessments and refer to partnering agencies and programs

My Beginnings

My Beginnings - are cultural camps that takes the clients on a journey of self discovery  and spiritual connect to culture and land with the support of a respected Elder and staff.

Walking & Working Together

CCY Inc. have  an excellent Cultural awareness package 'Walking & Working Together' for employers and people working with Aboriginal people. This program is presented and facilitated by Wayne Flugge.  It has also been successfully adapted and presented to tertiary, secondary and upper primary school students.

CCY Inc. and Advocacy.

The need for young people to have access to an independent advocacy service when entering the Juvenile Justice system, has been well documented and researched within Australia.  CCY Inc, endeavours to reduce the risk of young people re-offending and therefore reducing the rates of Juvenile Incarceration by providing an advocacy program that will endeavour to support and help navigate the young person through all government agencies that are required to assist the young person.  These services include but are not limited to – Juvenile Justice/Accommodation/Human Services/Department of Child Protection/Legal Representation.  Furthermore, CCY Inc Advocacy program will refer the young person onto additional youth services/programs/mental health etc.  CCY Inc will stay engaged with the young person through a relationship that will be developed with the young person.   A relationship based on Trust and Accountability

Collaboration, Cooperation and Destination

CCY In. works with Government and Non Government agencies in a collaborative and cooperative manner to ensure that clients are given the best opportunity of success. Organisations involved in current programs include Kinship Connection, Town of Victoria Park, City of Bayswater, Financial Advisors Pty. Ltd. Metropolitan Youth Bail Services, Localise - Local Government at its  best.

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